Form Configuration

In order to give more flexibility to our client to config the form, we provide the form config in the form editor.

Record ID Generation Rule

There are three approaches to generate the id for each form record. they are UUID, Incremental Number, and Customized Rule. for the Customized Rule. we can use codable value in the customized rule text field to dynamically generate the record id. Only when we select the customized rule, the customized rule field will take effect.

The codable value as we below:

Codable ValueDescription
{UUID}Automatically generate UUID
and replace this codable value
{AutoInt}Automatically generate the incremental
integer and replace this codable value

Example of the customized rule

Example 1:
we want to generate a VIP record with UUID, we can put the rule as below


Result: VIP5745c6ac-a2c8-4164-abbe-813fa977fa48

Example 2:
We want to generate a Branding related record with Incremental Integer, we can put the rule as below


Result: Coca-10

Email – Confirmation

Email Receiver

The email receiver can be any draggable element. We just simply include the {ElementID} to the Email Receiver field. so that, when the user submit the record, then, the elementID field receiver will receive the email as well. If the email is not valid, the email won’t be sent out. If there are multiple email receiver, we can use comma to split them.

Example 1
We want to send email to [email protected] and the email which will be received in {UserEmail} input email field. we can put the code as below:

[email protected],{UserEmail}

Email Response Body

for the email confirmation, we can embed the codable value in the email body. and send to our client or form creator. The list of the codable value in the email can be found in Codable Value List.

Codable Value List

Codable value can be used as a placeholder and be put in hidden field as an input value or be used in Email Response Body as well as Result Page. The available codable values are as below:

Codable ValueDescription
{GWF-ClientIP}This value will be replaced by the
user request client IP Address
{GWF-Date}This value will be replaced by the
yyyy-MM-dd date value
{GWF-Time}This value will be replaced by the
HH:mm:ss time value
{GWF-ProjectName}This value will be replaced by the
project name under this form
{GWF-ProjectDescription}This value will be replaced by the
project description under this form
{GWF-FormName}This value will be replaced by the
form name
{GWF-FormDescription}This value will be replaced by the
form description
{GWF-RecordId}This will replace the selected uniqueId
If we select UUID, it will be UUID, if
it is Auto Increase Number, it will be integer
{GWF-Nrof-UniIP-Vote}This is used to returns the total
number of the unique votes or
(so called like) for a given record.
Normally, it is used with the result page
for voting purpose

If we want to display a math result after submission, we can use this expression
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